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FREE Realtor Business Promotion Package: Create a customized webpage for all your listings, promote you business, upload more photos, link to your company website.
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Embed listings on your own website, save website development costs !
Add the following lines of code to your website and your listings will appear there. No more need for expensive website development costs, use our free tools to manage and promote your dynamic property listings on your own website.

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<iframe src="http://www.real-estate-shopping.com/Realtors/RealtorIframe.php?RealtorID=#" width="100%" height="500" frameborder="0"></iframe>
Insert your realtor id where the # is, this number is located on top of your account details edit form.

Optional values you can append to the URL above:
&Width=100% or &Width=700 , width can be a percent value of fixed number, default is 100%
&Limit=1 or &Limit=20 , limit can be any integer. This will limit the maximum number of listings displayed, default is 20.
The height=500 value can be increased or decreased as well, this will alter any scrollbars on the righthand side of your display, set it to a high value like 1000 to lessen it's effect.

Sample url with optional values added:

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